What's new for single line kiting? Want to do more with your large kites?

A new Kite Messenger is now showing up at kite festivals and flying fields. Designed and built by RG Technologies LLC, this high tech, dual sail, lifting messenger has top quality Icarex Polycarbonate sails.

What is a Kite Messenger or Kite Ferry?

A Kite Messenger is a device with one or more sails that is hooked over the line of a kite already in flight. With a good wind, the messenger climbs up the line towards the kite. At a predetermined stop, the messenger triggers a release mechanism that allows the sails to fold and then returns safely down the line to the kite flier.

What can you do with a Kite Messenger?

Some people attach pouches for dropping small candy treats. Others drop stuffed animals with parachutes. Still others have fit messengers with small cameras for taking Kite Aerial Photography or KAP. Kite fishing with a kite messenger is also possible. Messengers are great crowd pleasers and are even more fun to use. They add a whole new dimension to single line kite flying!

You can start looking for them now, climbing the kite lines at kite festivals and professional kiting events around the world.

It's called the "Envoy" and it is distributed by RT Kite Messenger.

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